Jiaxing City promotes energy performance contracting for photovoltaic power generation to conserve energy and reduce emissions for enterprises

Yesterday afternoon, Conference for Energy Conservation and Income Increase and Solar Energy Performance Contracting Promotion oriented to business and trade enterprises was held in Haining City. Representatives of 43 business and trade enterprises negotiated with several solar power generation enterprises for business.

Leather City favors photovoltaic power generation

On the roofs of phase-1, phase-2 and phase-4 constructions of Haining Leather City, photovoltaic power generation devices are densely arranged on places where lights can be collected. So why would Haining Leather City be so fond of photovoltaic power generation?

Sources say that the photovoltaic power generation system in Haining Leather City consists of 13 relatively independent sub-systems for synchronization, covering about 70,000 square meters on the roofs. What changes did such a huge scale bring to the development of the leather city? It was reported that the photovoltaic power generation system in the leather city is the largest-scale project of this type in Haining, holding an annual power production of 3.505 million kilowatt-hours, equal to 20% of the total power consumption in the leather city. Compared with a thermal power plant with the same electricity output, a photovoltaic power generation system can save 14.9168 million tons of standard coal every year. For an enterprise, there’re two advantages to add this project: 5% to 10% of power rates can be saved, and the electricity price for 25 years will be locked.

What benefits can photovoltaic power generation bring about?

What is “energy performance contracting”? Energy performance contracting is a new-type energy-saving mechanism based on the market; it’s essentially an energy-saving business mode of paying for the whole costs of energy-saving projects with reduced energy costs. Such an investment mode allows the client to upgrade the plant and equipment with future incomes from energy conservation, so as to reduce current operating costs; or, an energy conservation service company can supply energy conservation services for clients by means of promising the energy-saving effect of a project and assuming overall energy cost.

For example, in the photovoltaic power generation project of Haining Leather City, TDG provided capitals and technologies, while the leather city assumes material support. In the future, the parts of the electricity price that exceed the cost of photovoltaic power generation shall be divided between the two parties, thus ensuring a win-win situation between them.

Compared with a traditional power generation method, the greatest feature of photovoltaic power generation is energy conservation and emission reduction, as the source of such a power generation method is the solar energy. Besides, a photovoltaic power generation mode produces and applies the electric power locally, reducing losses of electric energy during boost and transformation; there’re also outstanding strengths in safety, noiselessness, non-pollution and non-public hazard.

Energy performance contracting to be promoted

It was reported that in the future, Jiaxing Bureau of Commerce and Commission of Economy and Information Technology will strengthen its support for the new mode of energy performance contracting. Meanwhile, the national government attaches great importance to cultivating professional energy conservation service companies. TDG has been again listed for the “Golden Sun Exemplary Project”, a state-level exemplary project, and the subsidies for related projects from national government will take up nearly half of the total investment. Currently, the photovoltaic industry in Haining develops at a fast pace, and a complete industrial chain has been initially formed, thus launching a distinctive path to innovation and development.

After the conference, representatives of business and trade enterprises held negotiations with enterprises of solar power generation. Many of them showed interest in the project.

(Source: South Lake News Reporter:Qiming Cao copyreader:Xiaolan Zhang)