President Pan Jianqing elected to be Chairman of Jiaxing LED Illumination Association

Lately, in the founding ceremony of Jiaxing LED Illumination Association (trade alliance), President Pan Jianqing of TDG was elected to be the chairman.

Jiaxing LED Illumination Association (trade alliance) was co-initiated by 8 enterprises, including TDG, Sengled, InvenLux (China) and No. 36 Institute of CETC, aiming to boost the progress and industrialized development of LED illumination technology in Jiaxing City, drive and accelerate connections in and out of the alliance, maintain orderly market competitions, advance the economic and technological levels of LED illumination industry, and enhance the overall competitive force of Jiaxing’s LED industry in and out of China. Currently, the association has attracted the first 45 members, and President Pan Jianqing of TDG was elected to be the chairman, while heads of Sengled, InvenLux and No. 36 Institute were appointed as standing vice chairmen.

It was learned that there’re now more than 70 LED illumination enterprises above a designated scale in Jiaxing City, which achieved a total output value of 1.5 billion yuan last year. The LED illumination industry in the city has formed a complete industrial chain ranging from equipment manufacturing to product integration and application, which is rarely found in cities of the mainland. What’s more, Jiaxing is leading the nation in its accumulation of core technologies about sapphire, EPI chip, PSS and MOCVD equipment at the front end of industrial chain. It was believed in the founding ceremony that the establishment of the association (trade alliance) will help fulfill complementary advantages between enterprises in the city via joint work of the whole industrial chain, thus further concentrating the regional strength of LED illumination in Jiaxing and promoting its leading position in Zhejiang Province and even the whole China.

Heads of member enterprises of the association promised that they would seek common growth under the guidance of this association and related government policies.

(Source: Jiaxing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau)