TDG Scientific Park is located in the central area of Nanhu District, Jiaxing City. As a provincial incubator and high and new tech industry incubation center, the park is focused on breeding emerging industries like communication electronics, new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection. Relying on the support from Torch Center of Ministry of Science and Technology and Jiaxing government, the park makes China Association of Technology Entrepreneurs Incubation League a stage to give full play to the advantages of China Incubation Fund (Angel Fund) and the group Industry Fund in investment, in a bid to provide professional and efficient services in technology, capital, talent and policy for stationed enterprises.

Meanwhile, the group has actively launched strategic investment in VC and PE to breed new growth points for industrial development. Currently, there’re dozens of high and new tech enterprises having offices in TDG Scientific Park. A modern industrial park characteristic of ecology-friendliness, environmental protection and intelligence shows a state of booming.